1. What products do you us
I use only those products that I have found compliments each person i see.
I have a large variety of professional make-up brushes which are cleaned after each client.
I uphold tight hygiene practices and use disposable applicators where necessary.

2. When should I have a trial?
You can have your trial as soon as you have decided on your dress, colour scheme and other details that are important to you about your wedding. Having your trial as soon as you have decided to have a make-up artist ensures that you are happy with your booking and means it's another thing ticked off your list.
I would recommend leaving it no later than 6 weeks before your occasion.

3. Do you do hair styling?
Yes I also do hair, if you see my gallery.

4. Do you have insurance?
Yes. I am fully insured.
The insurance covers me both at your home and at your venue, or wherever else you are getting ready.

5. How long will the make-up last for?
I use products that I have tested for longevity and I use application techniques that will ensure your make-up lasts well throughout the day and evening but minor touch-ups might be needed.
You may also like to purchase and carry a lipstick/gloss and a powder compact or blotting tissues, but I will discuss this with you at your trial.

6. What happens at the trial?
Your trial/consultation lasts around 1 hour 30 mins.
We will start by discussing the details of your wedding  ie- dresses, hair, flowers, color theme etc. We will also discuss what make-up, if any, you normally wear and any ideas we both have and then I'd try out a look that we will have talked about.
We can keep trying as many looks in the time period stated until you are 100% confident with your make-up.
If there is a specific look you want i would suggest that you take pictures of make-up looks from magazines etc, this gives us both a better understanding of what you may require.
If your bridesmaids, mother or any other guests would like a trial they should have theirs at the same appointment.

7. What happens on the day?
I will arrive in plenty of time to set-up so I am ready to start the first person promptly. The timings of your wedding day make-up will be carefully planned in advance to ensure everyone is ready in good time.
Make-up is generally applied after the hair has been styled and I prefer to work on bridesmaids, mums etc first before the bride so the bride is as fresh as possible for the ceremony.
Your bridal or special occasion make-up will take up to an hour and each other person will take around 30 to 45 minutes, but this will be discussed with you well in advance of the occasion.

If you have any more questions that you may think i have missed, please feel free to ask away.

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